The Driver: Boo King

Boo is one of those individuals who eats, sleeps and breathes; drag racing. He wants the fastest car he can get his hands on.

Boo has been interested in things mechanical for as long as he can remember. His father neither encouraged nor discouraged the interest. His mother on the other hand, frequently yelled at her son… “Quit taking that thing apart. You’re going to wear the bolts out.”

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Working three jobs to raise the money, Boo bought his first car when he was 16; a 1957 Chev, 2 Door. A 396 and four speed from a wrecked car went into the ’57. When Boo heard that Frank Jardine was organizing some racing at the old Blissfield airstrip he decided to go. He won his class and a trophy with a time of 12.9 sec. Boo admits; “I was hooked after that.” His passion for working on cars now had a purpose….drag racing. Boo continued to make improvements to the ’57 and achieved a best time of 11.44. In 1979 Boo sold the car to Burleigh Bates. After a period of driving for other people in the early 80’s Boo moved over to bikes. He figured he could go faster at less cost with motorcycles. He located a Suzuki in boxes for $500. The pile of boxes became a very successful drag bike. Starting with a 10.09, Boo improved his time to a best of 8.61 sec. The archives of Maritime and New England newspapers between 1983 and 2000 are full of articles about Boo King from Fredericton winning the bike class at their local dragway. He won a lot with that bike earning points champion 3 or 4 times.

He started King Performance in 1992, and reasoned that it would be better for business if he raced a car. A lot of searching ended when Boo located a 1968 Camaro pro street car in the States. The car has been in “Hot Rod” Magazine three times including a feature in April, 1997. A 427 with a tunnel RAM manifold and 2 four barrel carbs went into the car. The combination of car and motor was enough to propel Boo to the first 8 sec run by a Fredericton car. A 632 cubic inch motor was switched for the 427 during the 2003 season. Boo and his crew rushed to get the car dialed in and solve the constant clutch problems but the season was running out. The last run of the season rewarded Boo for his efforts with his best ever….7.75 sec at 180.41 mph.

The team installed a 706 engine for the 2005 racing season. Look out!

Boo has done a lot of racing in his career. The following is a list of the tracks Boo has raced:
  • Blissfield
  • Pennfield
  • McGuens
  • P.E.I.
  • Mid Sackville
  • Maitland
  • San Aire, Quebec
  • Cayuga, Ontario
  • Winterport, Maine
  • Oxford Plains, Maine
  • Epping, N.H.
  • Atco, N.J
  • Cecil County, Maryland
  • Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Boo says he couldn’t have gone racing and done as well as he has without the help and support of his wife, friends and family. His wife Susan and son Dustin , daughter Ashley and son Luke have allowed Boo the time for racing and on many occasions Luke has spent the weekend at the track with his father. Boo is quick to say “I couldn’t have done it without help from a lot of friends.” Randy Fraser, Robin Stickles, John Glendenning, Bryant Ludford, Burleigh Bates, Paul Palmer and Kevin Burns have helped Boo for many years. Boo was hard hit by the loss of Kevin last year. Boo continues to haul the Nuclear Banana in the Trailer once owned by Kevin Burns.

Boo has had a lot of fun racing and hopes to have a lot more. He intends to race until he can’t shift anymore.

What Boo’s crew say about Boo…
  • Nice kind of guy
  • Appreciates help he receives
  • Knows cars
  • No airs about him
  • Good friend
  • Easy to get along with
  • Doesn’t get excited
  • Remembers people
  • No one has anything bad to say about him
  • Always helpful
  • Great depth of knowledge
  • Lots of track experience
  • Will talk racing with anyone
  • Appreciates his crew’s help

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